Shattered Dreams

“Come on honey, come fetch the ball!” I heard her calling me. I felt my tail wag with eagerness, and I ran to the blue rubber ball, soft and pliable, with bite marks and her scent. “Good girl! That’s my girl,” I run back to her and I see her pretty face smiling down to me…

It was just a dream and I slowly awaken and realized I’m still in my penpen. It’s a hard-plastic structure with a wire gate that is secured, and I am unable to open it with my paws. The human animal that put me here and left me out in this field surrounded by trees and other animal sounds, like birds, chipmunks and squirrels. They chatter and tweet and caw.

“Arf, arf, arf,” I replied. I whimpered and tried digging myself out from this box, but all I’ve succeeded in doing is marring the plastic. I’m so hungry and thirsty. How long ago did he abandoned me here? Days? Weeks? I just don’t know anymore. Why didn’t he just kill me and not let me suffer like this?

I’m so cold.

It started last month. My mistress picked me from my litter of brothers and sisters. I was the runt, but my mother loved me regardless. I played and wrestled, and I saw her. She smelled nice and her smile was so pretty. I ran up to her. Pick me! Pick me!

She did and I went home with her. She let me play with her. We played fetch the ball, wrestled as I playfully bit her with my baby teeth and pulled on her long, wavy hair. Then, he came home. His scent warned me he was no good. Why is she with him? He smells evil. I immediately saw his jealously; his hate toward me.

“I told you I didn’t want no damn dog!” I heard him yell at her.

“But, honey, he’s so cute and adorable! Can’t you just give her a chance? I’m gonna name her Dancer. Look how she dances about. Can’t we keep her?”

“Oh, alright. But the moment that mongrel pisses me off, she’s out of here.”

“She’ll be good, I promise.”

I didn’t understand their talk. I just used my smell to figure out this man and what his true intentions were. I sensed he was evil and there was no changing him. I made it a point to steer a wide path around him.

At first my strategy worked. I stayed near her and avoided him at all costs. He left every morning and at night he arrived here where he sat on his chair and watched human figures inside a box interacting in curious ways. I watched it and barked at it.

“Shut up! I’m trying to watch TV.” He yelled down at me. I ran away to the blanket on the foot of the bed where I laid and curled up, whimpering. She came to my side and said soothing things to me.

“It’s okay dear. He’s a tired man when he gets home from work. You want to go for a walk?”

I immediately got up and wagged my tail vigorously at her, licking her face. She giggled. She placed a leash upon my collar, and we went outside. I led the way, sniffing the ground in front of me. We found our way to a park where human children played. They all came up to me wanting to hold me and play with me. At first, I felt frightened, but then I relished the attention and didn’t want to leave this place.

I had wonderful dreams after that experience. But then my master; why did I call him that? Nemesis is a better word. Because he harbored nothing but ill-will toward me. That day he tried to feed me. I wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He teased me by offering a morsel of food, but then pulling it back, making me angry. I barked at him in frustration. Finally put it out to me again. Rather than attack the food, I attacked his retreating hand. I drew blood.

“The little shit bit me!” I ran from him, scare of what he would do next. He caught up to me at my blanket that smelled so much like her. He pulled me up by the scruff and something hit me that hurt so much, I blacked out.

I don’t know when I woke up next, but I realized it was dark and I was alone inside this box. I tried digging myself out, but the plastic this thing is made of, doesn’t permit it. It’s almost like that human monster designed and made that box just for me. I had to go so badly. I finally had to relieve myself, messing my fur and It smelled so bad.

It stung my skin The box is too cramped for me. I wimpered for both my mommies.

Where was she at? Why hadn’t she come and gotten me? I smell her as if she’s right there with me. Only then did I realized the blanket was placed on the top of my cage. It was then that I realized I was not going to be rescued.

“Arf, arf, arf.” I cried out over and over again. I continued trying to dig my way out. I even tried undoing that blasted latch with my bloodied paws. Only other animals bothered to come by and investigate. Once their curiosity was sated, they walked away.

The other night a cougar came by, pawing at my cage. I whimpered and cried. He lost interest and went away.

I am so hungry now, so thirsty and so tired. I’m so cold, I shivering. I think I’ll sleep now and dream of happier times with her and the park and the human children who loved me…


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