Mueller Report Exposes much about nothing

Unlike many of my fellow Democrats, I’m not seeing this Mueller investigation as more than what was that concerned the Starr investigation twenty years ago under Clinton. All this was, after it is said and done was that maybe there is something for the Congress to investigate further.

Frankly, it’s another example of allowing our Congress to not do the people’s business and further sowing the seeds of discontent among voters. We are so divided, politically that any little spark could potentially throw this entire country into civil war.

I knew there was not going to be much in the way of the Mueller Report. His conclusions where there was a conspiracy to influence the presidential election between the Trump campaign and Russia, was if anything proof Trump hired stupid people to be around him. But, no wrong-doing was ever in the mix.

As far as obstruction goes, it was more about Trump being stupid by trying to get the Justice Department to end this “witch hunt” as he liked to call it. Fortunately for him, those people said no, let the investigation continue.

The Mueller Report made it very clear there was no “collusion” because, collusion is not a crime, conspiracy is, and Mueller didn’t find that to be the case, though the players involved were very unscrupulous, with dubious pasts.

Mueller found instances where there might have been obstruction or offenses considered to have obstruction, but refused to conclude that crime was actually committed; leaving that for the Congress to decide. Just as they did with the Starr investigation when they attempted to impeach Bill Clinton and his involvement with Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater.

So what now? The Republicans think Trump is vindicated, while the Democrats are looking at impeachment for any number of alleged crimes Trump may have committed these past two plus years.

Like Starr, though, it’s much ado about nothing and nothing will get done these next two years. Let the bickering, backstabbing and investigations begin!

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