New Story

As I struggled with getting my printed version of  Edge of Darkness printed, I was also working on another story called “Road Rage” to add to the next book of short stories, Lost Highway. This whole book is an attempt to get the reader caught up what happened since the Four Seasons series with the characters and the events that occurred.

In Road Rage, Chrystal is on her first assignment as a FBI agent and is partnered with Anne Murphy, formally Sister Anne. They are assigned to an apparent road rage incident in Greensboro, North Carolina. The DA there, thinks it is racially motivated and wants to cover his butt. Both agents’ mission is to treat this as a civil rights violation and are given a list of persons of interest who have ties to white supremacist groups. Obviously, that list is missing the actual murderer.

I decided to do this project as I was finishing up with organizing the Clockmaker and the Red Widow series, and realized it was lacking a third book that would stand out as a way of getting the reader caught up on everything. This book would be wedged in between Clockmaker and Red Widow. I also reorganized those books to make it fit with the linear plot scheme of both characters.

Hopefully, this will leave the reader feeling satisfied with what I wanted to achieve. I hope, you, my loyal readers will feel the same.

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