One Step forward…

I feel like I’m part of a Bruce Springsteen song when it comes to this direct publishing gig I’m doing. I got Edge of Darkness published in print format last week, as many of you will recall. But when I went to get promoted and advertising started, it turns out my book is ineligible. What a bunch of crock!

So, now I’m stuck in neutral trying to figure out a way to do this. So far all been able to do successfully is promote it through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. I don’t know what the numbers are, in terms of actual sales, but I am getting hits, which, I guess in the wacky world of Amazon marketing, is something notable.

I must now decide on using other services such as IngramSpark and Smash Works to publish the books from. My friend, self-published, and successful, author Erik Schubach told me doing so is perfectly fine, since I am a self-published author with my own copyright.

I sent IngramSpark interest, filling out a request and all but something weird is going on with the password that I’ve entered. For whatever reason, it’s not acceptable. I even used Google’s suggested password which is totally randomized alpha-numeric code, and that was too denied. Back two steps I go until I can figure this out too.

At least I have you my friends who I couldn’t thank enough for your continued support.


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