I’m getting ready for work and figured I let you my loyal fans to read what I did this year. Since most of the people visited at my wife’s in laws and at my sister’s friends, I had to keep my political views to myself and let them discuss their conservative opinions, most of which I don’t agree with.

Last Saturday, my mother in law’s friend–common law husband is more like it, though I’m not sure that is recognized in Idaho–called to inform my wife there was a problem and we needed to come down right away. As soon as we got there she seemed alright and proceeded to have wonderful time visiting, though she has some bouts of dizzy spells which pass. We all agreed she should see her doctor and see if her blood pressure is too low.

Tuesday night, on the way back, I decided to inform my sister I would drive to Bend, Oregon the next day. I awoke at 6:30 and was heading down the highway by seven. With the exception of road construction–it’s everywhere we drove–was quite uneventful until I got to Redmond and was swamped by a torrential downpour. There was zero power in Madras and we had to do four-way stops at each intersection where traffic signals normally have their red-amber-green lights operating like clockwork.

The visits with my sister was a post-wedding affair. Her stepdaughter had married the Saturday before and she showed me the photos taken. We also enjoyed each other’s company and her husband did some brake work on my car–I think I mentioned before that he’s a mechanic. On Friday we saw the largest Ponderosa Pine in Oregon, over by La Pine and entertained the two dogs they have by throwing sticks in the Deschutes River. Then it rained again.

Yesterday, I drove my Dodge Charger back, doing some joyriding with other similar Chargers along the way—nothing serious. We slowed down before the trooper on the overpass turned his radar on another SUV coming rapidly up my back. He got pulled over, much to the delight of my wife.


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