A Flag of Controversy

I’m sure after last Tuesday, Betsy Ross is spinning in her grave.  It all started when Nike turned out a new shoe that had on the back of the shoe the American flag with the original 13 stars. Colin Kaepernick took offense to the shoe citing, among other things, it promoted slavery and has recently been used by white nationalist groups such as the American Nazi Party.

While I applauded Kaepernick’s peaceful protest of kneeling while the American anthem was being played, I take an exception to this because he is wrongly criticizing the wrong flag and is dangerously ignorant of our history. Our flag, whether with thirteen stars or fifty, does not in any way represent the notion of slavery.

The flag of the Confederacy, on the other hand, has been used most frequently to symbolize a nostalgic time in our past. There are a number of other flags represented by various extremist groups throughout the United States and no where does the orignal American flag of thirteen stars appear.

In light of this latest example by the extreme left, I am feeling even more alienated by the Democratic Party that I have proudly been a part of since I was nine years old. It seems, they are taking a play book from the far right of the Republican Party and forcing me to take sides on something as silly as the American flag. I am first and foremost, a proud and patriotic American. I am not going to be bullied by extremists of both ends of the political spectrum to take a position that I truly believe I shouldn’t have to take.

This country is turning more schizophrenic in its extremism. The last time that happened to the extent it is now, the end result was a civil war that pitted brothers against each other. We need people of moderate temperament to cast doubt on extremism.



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